Since 2014, we have offered personalised bespoke services to many clients seeking to add unique pieces to their collections – to commemorate an event, celebrate a marriage, or just because. We are always inspired and excited to work on unique commissions for customers and look forward to working with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.
1. Initial Consultation
Each appointment includes a personalised meeting with our designer and founder, Megan. With her contemporary, modern, and minimalist design expertise, we are able to co-design with you to understand what you are looking for. A consultation will allow us to get a feel for what your individual tastes are, what kind of styles you are aiming for, and what we can do to best cater to your needs for your perfect end result.
2. Selection
A design can be decided within that first meeting, or can require some research and time depending on the scope of your needs. If the design includes stones, we will take your requests and source a selection of stones that fit your requirements. This may require another meeting, for you to handpick the stones that will go into your piece.
3. Creation
Once all of the decisions have been made, we begin the creation process. We make the majority of our bespoke designs in house, and collaborate with a handful of skilled commissioned tradesmen in the heart of Cape Town to perfect the pieces.
We are proud to guarantee that all bespoke pieces are carefully handcrafted, here in Cape Town.

4. Presentation 

In two to four weeks – depending on the complexity of your piece - your finished product will be ready to be shipped, or picked up in-store. We deliver bespoke designs to anywhere in the world, and offer luxury gift packaging on all of our pieces.

We hope to ensure that all of our customers are 100% happy with their designs. If you require additional consultation or adjustments for your piece, we will be more than happy to schedule a follow-up appointment with you. Complimentary re-sizing is also included.


Book an Appointment
Please get in touch at or call 082 574 6043 for more details and to book a free design consultation.