Affirm Your Style

Meraki Jewellery Design is proud to introduce their new AW18 earring range, Margaux. While designing the range, owner and head designer, Megan, stepped out of her comfort zone with these bolder, statement designs, playing around with both symmetry and asymmetry. It is testimony to the growth and change that is happening in her surroundings at the moment. “I had so much fun designing this range and was able to learn more about my own personal style and preferences, my hope is that the wearer has as much exploration wearing these pieces!” - Megan

The new Margaux Collection is now available online and at select stores 





Meraki Jewellery Design is an artisan jewellery brand based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We manufacture delicate, timeless pieces that draw inspiration from strong geometric designs.

Each piece is designed to age with grace and serves as an affirmation of each wearer's personal style.