The most accurate way to get your finger measured is to visit your local jeweller – but we totally understand that that's not always possible.

To measure your ring size online, click here  


The easiest way to determine a ring size in circumference is to measure the relevant finger with a piece of wire or paper. Mark the point where the two ends meet and measure the length against a ruler to identify the correct circumference. The diameter of the finger may easily be identified if you divide the measured circumference with 3,14.

You can also use a ring you already have by measuring the inside circumference and following the same procedure as described above.

Remember that the size of your fingers usually differ from your right to your left hand, so make sure you measure the correct finger.

Note: When placing an order, please always provide us with the UK ring size

Ladies Rings:

Extra Small (G, H, I- )

Small (J, K, L- )

Medium (M, N, O- )

Large (P, Q, R- )

Men's Rings:

Small (O, P, Q- )

Medium (R, S, T- )

Large (U, V, W- )

Extra Large ( X, X-, Y, Y-, Z, Z-

*Please note that if you choose to measure your finger size at home and the measurement ends up being incorrect, we cannot be held liable.  We advise you to get properly measured at your local jewellery store. To exchange an incorrectly sized ring, you will be charged a R150 manufacturing fee and will be liable for the shipping costs both ways. 


Small (16cm)

Medium (17cm)

Large (18cm)


Extra Small (59mm) 

Small (61mm) 

Medium (63mm) 

Large (65mm)

* If you would like a slightly shorter or longer bracelet length, please let us know at checkout.

** Chains: If you would like an alternate necklace chain, please leave us a message at checkout. A fee of R50 will be charged for any length longer than specified.


Still Unsure? 

Our team can help with any other questions that you might have regarding finding your best fit. Reach out to us here