What to expect at a design consulation

Congratulations on starting the exciting journey of having a custom piece made. If you're looking for more information on having a bespoke piece created with us, this page will explain the design process and will walk you through the all details you need to know.

We are a team of experienced jewellery designers who are passionate about bringing your ideas to life. Designing for special occasions lies at the heart of what we do.

During the design process, we will allow time for discussions and changes, this way you can rest easy knowing that your dream jewellery is on the right path to becoming exactly the way you envisioned it. 

First Step:

After you have filled in our online contact form, our lead designer will get in touch to arrange an initial consultation. This relaxed meeting is free of charge and allows us to get a feel for what kind of styles you are interested in and what we can do to create your dream piece. This initial consultation allows us time to talk through your budget, time frame preferences as well as design limitations and options.

Pricing is commensurate on the materials and complexity of your bespoke piece. At this time it is helpful to have a budget in mind as it further informs the materials and stones we source for your project. We will provide estimated pricing and timing after your initial in-person/video/email/phone consultation. At this time, we will also discuss shipping or in-person pick-up options.

During these initial consultations, we will have a selection of unique, ethically sourced diamonds and semi-precious stones available for you to select from. Should you prefer something a little different, we will happily source specific stones that fit your requirements at a small fee. This may involve a second meeting for you to view and handpick your own stones.

Second Step:

Stone confirmation & CAD designing - We will provide estimated pricing and timing after your initial in-person/video/email/phone consultation. If you are happy with the stone selection, design direction and quote, we will require a 50% deposit as confirmation of your order. We will then get started with the CAD (Computer Aided Design) designs for your piece. CAD allows us a 3-D view of your design and we will provide these to you within 10 - 14 working days of the consultation. At this time, we will also discuss shipping or in-person pick-up options.

We allow up to two reverts on these designs, there after an hourly fee will be applied.

Please note, design changes can only be minor aesthetic changes, such as adjusting the basket height, width of band, etc. If there is additional/less material and labor needed for the design changes, we will adjust the pricing within fair market value.

For all major design changes, such as adjusting the shape of stone or adjustments that require complete rebuilding of the ring, you will be charged for a complete CAD rebuild.

Third Step:

Once all of the decisions have been made and you are 100% satisfied with the design, we will begin the manufacturing process. Our team of experienced jewellers will craft your design to create the perfect piece.

During the manufacturing process, we will keep you updated on the progress and an expected delivery or collection date. 

Our current turnaround for bespoke commissions is 6-8 weeks (depending on complexity of design) from confirmation to ring completion.

Once your piece is complete and has been assessed by our lead designer, it will be presented to you in our beautiful Meraki branded jewellery box, ready to be gifted to the special recipient.

We suggest insuring your special piece against loss and general wear and tear. We offer a comprehensive valuation certificate which outlines the specifications of your gemstones for insurance purposes.

Having a bespoke item created with us also allows for complimentary re-sizing (first resizing, within a month of receiving the ring, with us is free), as well as polishing and setting checks for life.

We strive for excellence and in turn want you to be happy with your purchase. Due to the nature of our business which includes creating jewellery items that are sometimes new to us, working with high value materials and customer materials, collaborating with trade partners, and communicating with numerous clients on a daily basis, it’s important that the details of our processes are understood and agreed upon.

It’s your responsibility to read our Bespoke FAQ's. We are unable to enter into discussions if you have not read our practices, lead times and guid lines.

What to expect at a design consulation

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